Paris Space Week, a significant ROI(1)
with highly qualified leads

An optimal targeting

Identifying entire projects and the method of double validation guarantees a perfect match between the suppliers’ skills and the contractors’ requirements. The information exchanged beforehand guarantees you meetings exclusively between motivated and identified professionals.

Discover the 4 meetings thematics below.

Satellites are a crucial part of today's space industry, making it top 1 priority according to your needs from the previous editions. They are used for a wide range of purposes such as GPS, internet and radio communications, weather forecasting and television broadcasting.

They are capable of having a large view of earth. This makes them more effective at collecting data than other instruments on the ground making them essential in today’s communication.

Large groups, governments, space agencies will be able to discover new technologies and concepts for:
  • Satellite payloads, mission systems and equipment
  • Satellite propulsion and power systems
  • Satellite materials and components
Launchers are the second largest area of space-manufacturing activity in Europe after commercial satellites, boosting European industry, and making it a priority in Paris Space Week (PSW).

You will meet key accounts (Investor, R&D, Purchasing, Project Leaders etc.) who are always looking for innovation and to present the launchers program from National Space Agencies.

Their main goal at our event is to:
  • Discover new technologies and services integrated in their new launchers program.
  • Identify and find partners in R&D who could also respond to their actual needs.
  • Develop their corporate network.
  • Find suppliers who offer their services or product to develop the European space sector in the launchers (rocket, cargo, and other)
Whether travelling near Earth or deep in our Solar System, every spacecraft is supported by a sophisticated 'ground segment' comprising computer systems, software, telecommunication networks and other resources that enable engineers and scientists to send up commands and receive data from on board instruments.

Following your recommendations, in this event you will have the opportunity to meet major actors related to this field of activity including specialists who establish ground control systems and equipment and/or ground systems control services).
Space applications related to Earth observation, telecommunications and global navigation can play a vital role in supporting disaster risk reduction, response, and recovery efforts, by providing accurate and timely information for decision-makers

Paris Space Week (PSW) is the opportunity to find new concepts to improve the accuracy and timing of the information that the space applications provide (data collection, 3D simulation, numeric models ...)

Online registration

After opening your member area, you fill in your technical file and choose your package of participation. Your registration will be submitted for validation by the steering committee of the event.


Send your meeting requests

One month before the event and after the opening of the online catalogue, you select the companies that you would like to meet with and request a meeting. You can send a message explaining why you wish to meet with them.


Approve your received requests

Each Participant has the possibility of asking you for a meeting: you can either accept or refuse.


Receive your meeting schedule

One week before the event you will receive your meeting schedule, including the meetings validated by both parties as well as the conferences that you have requested to attend.


Let’s go to Paris Space Week

The Congress and Tradeshow dedicated to the Space Industry - The 2nd and 3rd of april 2019 at Museum of Air and Space
Paris-Le Bourget - FRANCE.

Musée Air Espace
Aéroport Paris-Le Bourget
3, esplanade de l’Air et de l’Espace
BP173 - 93352 Le Bourget CEDEX
FRANCE - [Earth]
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